Logo Alterations: Morehead State

During last year’s off-season, I started a series on team logos over on my team-specific blog. Over the course of a few weeks, I analyzed the logos of every team in the conference and offered visual suggestions for improvement. Unlike the writers at the amazing identity analysis blog Brand New, I do not have a design background, so my interpretations focused more on the philosophy of logos rather than the proper employment of a serif. Initially, it served as a way to present some rather goofy ideas and to fill space before the season started, but it ended up being a reader favorite. As a result, I’m transitioning the heart and soul of that series to Halcyon Hoops, but this time it’s without the limited focus of a single conference.

The first candidate up for review is Morehead State. As will be the case with all of these pieces, please take whatever is written below with a large grain of salt. Read more of this post