Three New Articles

If you’ve come to enjoy the pieces posted here on Halcyon Hoops, you may be interested in some new articles I wrote that were published at Basketball Prospectus.

Attendance is Everything: Basketball vs. Football (August 4th)

– Attempts to categorize schools on a “basketball school” vs. “football school” matrix using percent-of-capacity attendance data. The results may surprise you.

Grading Coaches: The Culture Changers (August 8th)

– Uses percent-of-capacity attendance data to discover which college basketball coaches have made due on a promise to “change the culture” of their programs.

Minimum Age: Looking for a “Stevens effect” (August 10th)

– A joint venture undertaken by myself and Nic Reiner-Parra to determine if the average age of first-time coaching hires has been impacted by the success of young coaches like Brad Stevens. 21 years included in the study.